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What is Simracing?

Sim Racing is short for “simulation racing”. Sim racing refers to racing in a simulated environment, usually electronic, with realistic physics affecting the car. As opposed to a racing video game, which is designed to be easily driven by novices, sim racing software will more accurately mimic the effects of tire traction, suspension spring rates, etc. Because of the accurate physics being replicated in the software, the cars are not as forgiving when the driver pushes the car beyond its limits as they would be in the more popular video games.

Sim-racers use real life equipment such as wheels and pedals that are very close to what you would find in real race cars and often mount the equipment to sturdy metal cockpits to get the best force feedback from their wheel and pedals.

As a result, the driver must drive the cars with the same skills and techniques of real race car drivers. Since sim-racing can provide such a realistic experience, many professional race car drivers use sim-racing as a tool to improve their skills and compete against top simracers.